Brussels & Bruges

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Paris & Versailles

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Shanghai & Zhouzhuang

In 2006, and I was dying to visit China for the first time. When I overheard two friends discussing their upcoming trip to Shanghai, I jumped at the chance to join them. With less…

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I confess I’d never heard of Macau until six months before I arrived, in 2019. I told a friend that I’d be visiting Hong Kong and she exclaimed, “Macau is a just a ferry ride…

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong's soaring and seemingly endless skyline is unforgettable. Whether I viewed it from high above the skyscrapers on Victoria Peak or from the Star Ferry crossing Victoria…

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There are so many things to love about Thailand! One of my favorites is the melodic Thai greeting, “Sawasdee Ka,” pronounced sah-wah-dee-khaa. To get it right, I draw out the khaa…

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My mother inspired our trip to Antarctica. At 72, she’d visited six of the seven continents and had only one more left to go—Antarctica. My brother and I weren’t about to let Mom…

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